It's been almost 15 years since I began work in the field of Psychodermatology. I have spoken at conferences around the world, published dozens of papers in peer reviewed journals and written three books on the topic.

After having worked with hundreds of patients both clinically and through my research it became clear to me that what was lacking in the field of dermatological cosmetics was a range that addressed skin health holistically taking into account a person's emotional state as well as their physical state- that is why I am so excited about LP Skin Therapy. This range uses ground-breaking patent pending technology and the most recent research in the fields of psychodermatology and cosmetic dermatology to address skin health from a completely new perspective. Everything from the scents of the products to their texture has been developed so as to make skin both look and feel younger, healthier and more alive. Finally and perhaps most importantly, I am a strong believer in the effects of positive thinking and good self esteem- and this is the ethos behind LPST. It's about looking in the mirror and focussing on things that you like about yourself. It's about understanding how to deal with stress and its effects on our skin, it's about understanding that beauty like happiness all begins from within, and it's very simply understanding that if we feel good, we look good…" Dr. Linda Papadopoulos

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